Route Instructions

Downloadable/printable routes are provided 30 days advance for each day of your cycling itinerary. View sample route or scan it to your phone. All route links are accessible in your Final Itinerary after you send us Plotaroute profile name(s) and the final balance has been paid. Default access is set to private. They’re available for download in the following formats: GPX KML TCX FIT JPG GIF PNG PDF

To view, print and download your routes: 

a) Sign up for a free account in Plotaroute.

b) Any travelers in your party who require access to routes: After we confirm your services, email us your name(s) exactly as they appear in your Plotaroute profile(s).

Once your final balance is paid, we follow designated user(s). That opens up access to all private routes plotted for your trip until the conclusion of your journey. 
Your Plotaroute profile name(s): __________

c) Sign in to your Plotaroute account. Leave it signed in in the background. If we’ve followed you & you’re signed in, then you should be able to access all route links we’ve provided.

d) Open the Cycling Overview tab of your itinerary in a new window. Open the route links to view all plotted route options for your tour in your browser. For each route you’ll see a map, and further down the route metrics, elevation profile and download options.

View Plotaroute Map & Directions:

View Plotaroute Route Metrics (scroll down past map):

Download GPX files in Plotaroute (downloaded file displays at bottom of screen):

For those using the GPS route functions: 

-Renting one of our Garmin Edge 530’s? We’ll upload routes before you arrive. Remember to charge the device nightly while on tour. Tips to extend battery life while touring. Ensure the settings have off course warnings enabled
-Bringing your own Garmin? Load selected route files from Plotaroute to your device. How to download a route to a Garmin Edge 
-No Garmin? Upload GPX files to your laptop/computer. Scan to your Android/iOS devices and view offline using the BikeGPX app. To conserve your phone battery during the day, check periodically/use it as backup at junctures where you’re unsure about navigation. Before you travel (If you can, try doing the first 3 steps with a device that’s not a phone):
1. Sign in to Plotaroute.
2. Select & download GPX route. These first 2 steps are already described in detail above.
3. In BikeGPX select Upload a file, and then drag the GPX file to that box. Click Save Route.

Open & drag file to “Upload a file” box.

View file uploading:

Save route:

Barcode for scanning:

Follow links to download BikeGPX app to your phone and then:

Select Route                 

Add Route   

Scan route barcode

Scan barcode w. phone    

Select Chosen Route    

Select Start Riding

Printing routes

Plotaroute makes printing route directions easy. We recommend a minimum of 1 set of printed routes as a backup while riding. To print the highlighted map + directions: Select the PDF download. For a more compact version with a convenient format for handlebar bags, try out this handy GPX to Cue Cards tool.

Convert written directions to cue cards.

This is the pdf result that will print on 8.5 X 11 paper:

If, for any reason, you are unable to print routes and require us to assist with that task, kindly advise at least 2 weeks in advance so that we can assign a staff member to that job. Our administrative fee for formatting and printing plotted routes is $5 CAD+ HST/route X # of routes X # of copies you require. Ex: if your tour entails 6 days of cycling and you require 2 sets of printed routes/maps, then the fee would be $5 X 6 X 2 = $60.00 CAD + HST.