Bike Rentals

The Best Rental Bikes on Prince Edward Island

MacQueen’s high quality rental fleet of adult and youth bicycles is professionally maintained after each use. Offering little rolling resistance and an upright position, Deluxe Performance Hybrid bikes are our top pick for recreational rides and combining touring on PEI’s roads with hard-packed sections of the Confederation Trail or dirt roads on the Island Walk route. Additional rental equipment options include e-bikes, step-through frames, road bikes, tandems, gravel bikes, trailers and trail-a-bikes, car racks, bags and more.

Renting an e-bike and wondering about battery life?

There’s no set answer for how long the batteries last. It varies depending on the rider, what level of assist they choose, and what terrain they’re riding. The Norco Scene gets up to 125 kms on a full charge, but a good average is more like 80. You can stop and recharge at lunch and it attains an 80% charge fairly quickly. The last 20% is a trickle charge, so takes longer, and is usually done on an overnight or post-ride charge. The Norco Indie has a bigger battery so if you only used the level 1 assist (which probably isn’t what most people end up doing), they say it can get up to 180 kms. They usually have plenty of juice to complete the rides we design with no issues whatsoever. It’s a 110V charger, so not difficult to find locations where you can plug in.


Accessories available as add-on complements to our rental bikes:
Handlebar/Trunk Bag: Day use packs suitable for smaller items. Trunk bag: Seymour Oceanwave P9 or similar. Handlebar bag: Seymour Oceanwave P4 or similar. While this item is reserved by category, not specific model, we generally stock more trunk than handlebar bags.
35 L Panniers: Waterproof 35-L touring panniers. For mount on rear carrier, suitable for long distance touring.
Model: Seymour Oceanwave 35+ or similar.
Clipless Pedals: We have a limited # of clipless pedals for rent. Subject to reconfirmation: our staff will advise in advance if we’re unable to fulfill this segment of your rental request. We can switch out the platform pedals that come with our rental bikes for your pedals at no extra cost. Models: Shimano SPD, Shimano SPD-SL, Look KEO
Smartphone Holder: The Delta smartphone holder‘s compatible with phones up to 2.9 inch wide, .625 inch depth, 6 inch length. A sliding system allows for easy in/out while on the go. 
Smartphone Holder + Battery Bank: The Cyclotron finally makes it possible to easily undertake long trips without having to think about any powerbank back-up solution to keep your phone at 100%. Compatible Smartphone Dimensions : Width : 70 mm to 105 mm | Thickness : 1 – 12 mm | Length : 120 – 200 mm.
-3-bike car rack: Trunk mount bicycle carrier suitable for up to 3 adult bicycles. Not suitable for E-bikes. While we reserve the right to substitute alternative models, typically we use the Saris Bones 3-bike rack.

Summer Hours (May-Sep.)

Monday to Saturday – 8:30 to 5:00
Sunday – 10:00 to 2:00 (by advance appointment only in May, June & September)


All Prices in Canadian Currency
Add 15% HST

Each rental bicycle includes a rental helmet.

Locks are included with bike rentals. When multiple bikes are rented to a single party on the same contract, we reserve the right to provide 1 lock for each 2 bikes.

Equipment Bicycle Rentals
Include Helmets & Locks

Day up to 24 hrs.

1 Week 7 days

i.e. Sun-Sat

2 Weeks 14 days

Youth Bike
24″ wheel or smaller
$21.95 $115.24 $215.11
Deluxe Bicycle
Includes Rear Carrier, 1 Water Bottle Cage
Specialized Sirrus 2.0 or similar
$44.95 $235.99 $440.51
Road Bicycle
(Specialized Roubaix Sport 105 or similar)

Includes 1 Water Bottle Cage
$54.95 $288.49 $538.51
Electric Assist Bicycle
(Norco Scene, Indie, Specialized Como or similar)

Includes Rear Carrier, 1 Water Bottle Cage
$79.95 $419.74 $783.51
Co-Motion® Tandem $79.95 $419.74 $783.51
Child Trailer
(for 1-2 children under 5)
$24.95 $130.99 $244.51
Trail-a-Bike (single) $21.95 $115.24 $215.11
Handlebar or Trunk Bag $5.50 $28.88  $53.90
Panniers (35 litre) $8.95 $46.99 $87.71
3 Bike Rear Car Rack $15.00 $78.75 $147.00
Emergency Road
Repair Kit
Limit one per party. Includes a multi-tool or a 3-way Allen key, tire irons, pump and a tube.
($7.99+HST for tube, if used)
Souvenir water bottles $11.99

Advance Reservations – 3 Days or More

Preference for advance reservations is given to rental clients booking 3 or more rentals days.
Maximum daily rental period: 24 hours.
Minimum advance booking requirement: 3 rental days.
Pickups: Must be arranged during the store’s scheduled operating hours.
Dropoffs: When arranged in advance, we’re flexible with after hours equipment returns.
Ex. if you pick up your bike at 9 am and prefer to return it at 7 pm instead of by 9 am the next morning or at 5 pm on a Sunday, so long as our staff is aware and agreeable in advance, there is no extra charge to return your equipment after the store has closed. There is no discount for early equipment return.

A credit card guarantee is required.

Walk-in Bookings – Fewer Than 3 Days

You can’t reserve a 1 or 2-day rental with us in advance. Since equipment priority is given to tour clients, short term rentals (1-2 days in duration) for day trips are accepted on a walk-in basis only with remaining equipment availability on the day of the service. Our equipment isn’t rented by the hour and we don’t offer 1/2 day rental rates. The only way to secure an advance rental confirmation with MacQueen’s is to book a minimum of 3 consecutive days in our online booking platform. Below are our pre-HST (CAD) prices for short term rentals.

# DAYS → 1 day
(up to 24 hours)
2 days
(up to 48 hours)
Youth Bicycle $21.95 $42.07
Deluxe Bicycle $44.95 $86.15
Road Bicycle $54.95 $105.32
E-Assist Bicycle $79.95 $153.24
Co-Motion Tandem $79.95 $153.24
Child Trailer $24.95 $47.82
Trail-a-Bike $21.95 $42.07
Handlebar/Trunk Bag $5.50 $10.54
35 L Panniers $8.95 $17.15
3-Bike Rear Car Rack $15.00 $28.75
Clipless Pedals $5.00 $9.58
Smartphone Holder $2.00 $3.83
Smartphone Holder + Battery Bank $5.00 $9.58

Emergency Road Repair Kit

Kit consists of tube, pump, tire levers and 3-way wrench – everything required to repair a flat. Limit one per party. Tube: $7.99 + HST if used.

Emergency Road Repair Insurance

On-call emergency road repair insurance is only available for MacQueen’s rental equipment on our Supported Independent tour programs. The insurance is not available on our Island Walk by Bike or Confederation Trail tour packages or for independent rentals. Service calls for MacQueen’s cycle tour guests with insurance may be assessed extra fees.


Read our Traveling to PEI page for parking suggestions in Charlottetown.

Luggage Storage

We have a limited amount of luggage storage space available in our office. It can be booked in advance in conjunction with your MacQueen’s bicycle rental and is charged according to the # and size of bags. Rates: $1/day small backpack/carry-on, $2/day medium suitcase, $3/day large suitcase. Oversized bags (such as hard bike cases, etc) can also be accommodated for $4/day. HST is extra. If you’re traveling with your own bikes, check with your accommodation providers for storage. Our tour accommodation providers all offer on-site bicycle storage facilities.

Resources for Independent Cyclists

PEI Cycling Info
Confederation Trail Info (maps provided with rentals, or download in advance)
Confederation Trail Shuttle Service

Directions for ride from MacQueen’s to the Confederation Trail

MacQueen’s Bicycle Day Trip Rides (from our shop):

All routes are printable and downloadable in multiple formats, plus they include route metrics & elevation profile. Get these routes for FREE on your phone.

  • 11.8 km MacQueen’s City Tour #1 (short)
    A relatively flat circular mixed terrain cycle route, partly off-road.
  • 15.3 km MacQueen’s City Tour #2 (mid)
    A relatively flat circular cycle route, mostly on roads.
  • 20.7 km MacQueen’s City Tour #3 (long)
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, mostly on roads.
  • 30.6 km Warren Grove loop
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, partly off-road.
  • 36.9 km Tea Hill Park & Beach loop
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, mostly on roads.
  • 47.3 km St. Catherines loop
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, mostly on roads.
  • 63.3 km Hunter River loop
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, mostly off-road.
  • 69.2 km Mt. Stewart loop Route #1
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, partly off-road.
  • 75.2 km PEI National Park East loop
    A relatively flat circular cycle route, partly off-road.
  • 78.9 km Orwell Corner loop
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, mostly off-road.
  • 80.1 km Mt. Stewart loop Route #2
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, mostly off-road.
  • 99.76 km Century loop
    A moderately hilly circular cycle route, combining road & trail.

Download “Bicycle Day Trips” pdf file
For visitors: It includes links to places to visit
For Charlottetown tourism venues: This useful tool for your guests to explore the city & surroundings includes print options.