Confederation Trail Shuttle

Take in some of the sights and pristine scenery of Prince Edward Island while traversing it by bicycle. A do-it-yourself tour is also easy on your pocketbook! The Confederation Trail on Prince Edward Island is 273 kms/170 miles from tip to tip, but with branch trails, offers up to 435 kilometers/270 miles of riding possibilities. We are very proud of our founder Gordon MacQueen’s commitment and dedication to realizing the dream of a recreational trail on PEI that is now enjoyed by countless Islanders and visitors alike.

The Confederation Trail is a great asset to PEI and provides a wonderful, car-free cycling experience. However, the trail does cut through the inland heart of PEI and seldom offers the stunning ocean vistas or visits the quaint seaside villages that some of our rural roads can provide. It is our opinion that the best cycling experience and opportunity to more intimately discover our Island is to combine some of our lesser-traveled roads and certain strategically-selected sections of the Confederation Trail. Of course, if you need to avoid traffic altogether, then the trail may be your best option.

Confederation Trail Shuttle Service

1 – 6 Person Transfers

Advance Reservations Strongly Recommended

Depart MacQueen’s Bike Shop 09:00. Arrive Tignish Confederation Trail Head 11:00.
Depart Elmira Railway Museum 15:00. Arrive MacQueen’s Bike Shop 16:15.
Depart Elmira Railway Museum 15:00. Arrive Tignish Confederation Trail Head 18:00.

Passengers should be present at designated pickup point for loading a minimum of 15 minutes prior to departure. Client delays are assessed a $50.00/hour + HST supplement and must be notified in advance to MacQueen’s. Drivers will wait up to 30 minutes at designated pickup locations, after which shuttle charges may be processed in full on the client credit card, and passengers will be considered no-show, releasing the driver to return to their point of origin. Transfers to the western end of PEI depart at 09:00 and pickups from the eastern end are at 15:00, with a window in the middle for EV charging, and for drivers to have lunch/breaks.

7+ Person Transfers

Advance Reservations Required
Please inquire for pricing

Transfer Per Departure
2024 Rates in CAD, excluding 15% HST
Party of
1-2 People
Each additional
person (pax #3-6)
Charlottetown to Tignish $420.00 $15.00
Charlottetown to North Cape $460.00 $15.00
Elmira to Charlottetown $310.00 $15.00
East Point to Charlottetown $325.00 $15.00
Elmira to Tignish $730.00 $30.00
Elmira to North Cape $770.00 $30.00
East Point to Tignish $740.00 $30.00
East Point to North Cape $780.00 $30.00

Rates are based on Exclusive (not Collective) Departures.
Includes: Scheduled transfer of passenger(s) + 1 bicycle + 1 suitcase per person.
Please inquire for other pickup/dropoff locations on this route.
E-mail for Availability & Reservations or for Custom Quotes for larger groups


Deposit and Payment

Deposit Final Payment
A personal credit card guarantee is required to confirm your booking request. If your request is confirmed as submitted, your credit card will be stored in a vault. It will only be used in the event your booking is cancelled or you fail to present per schedule at the designated location after confirmation (no-show/delay). Payment for confirmed services is accepted in cash. Payment must be negotiated in full locally in cash with the driver assigned to your service before the service is delivered.



Our summer season on Prince Edward Island is relatively short, and cancelled bookings impact our operation and bottom line. To avoid cancellation penalties, avoid reserving services before your travel is confirmed. If visiting PEI, consider cancellation insurance to protect your travel investment from unforeseen circumstances including, but not limited to, weather, illness, injury or changes to your travel schedule. Full details here.

Shipping your own bike / MacQueen’s Bicycle Mechanics

Professional mechanics are on duty at our shop from Monday to Saturday. If assembly or repairs are required prior to departure, advance notice may be required.

Bikes and Luggage

MacQueen’s offers the highest quality and best maintained rental bikes and equipment on Prince Edward Island. Choose from our selection of high quality rental bikes, trailers and tandem bicycles with a choice of standard or extra large panniers to carry your luggage.

Where Do I Stay

While MacQueen’s does not offer itinerary planning assistance for your Confederation Trail adventure, we do suggest coming in June, July, August or September and we recommend advance reservations for bicycles and accommodations. When making your overnight reservations, don’t forget you’ll want to be near your evening meal. The prevailing winds on PEI are westerly, an important consideration for most when planning an independent cycling route.

Trails of Prince Edward Island (2015) may be a helpful resource when planning your independent PEI cycling or hiking trail adventures.
The Island Walk is also currently populating a map with various service providers.