Island Walk by Bike & Confederation Trail Packages

PEI’s gaining a reputation as the walking & cycling capital of Canada, with designated recreational trail infrastructure growing every year. All of MacQueen’s Island Walk by Bike tour packages are customizable, and can be shortened to cover fewer Island Walk sections, with optional or less frequent luggage transfers if preferred. If keeping costs down and lowering your carbon footprint is a priority, we have options for rental packages with panniers as an alternative to prepaid luggage transfers. You can stay in a lighthouse, a former church or convent, a yurt, a train caboose or try glamping at an actual dock. Not to mention an array of comfortable, historic and authentic inns and B&Bs hosted by some of PEI’s best hospitality professionals.

We recommend planning time for a test ride in Charlottetown before embarking on your Island Walk by bicycle adventure. Using the designated Island Walk routes, we offer 2 different tip-to-tip trips including shuttle from/to Charlottetown at the beginning/end. Seven other journeys begin & end in Charlottetown and most include the option for daily luggage transfers. A couple of properties we’ve chosen have 2-night minimum stays, so we’ve designed loops out of those properties where you can explore the local surroundings and settle in a little more. We’ve chosen accommodation partners who either provide, can arrange for, or are in close proximity to evening meals.

Due to popular demand from families and those who want to avoid vehicular traffic almost altogether, we’ve published four Confederation Trail tip-to-tip packages. One has a 2-nighter in the New Glasgow area in the middle for those who want opportunities to explore the PEI National Park on the north shore. The Confederation Trail has a very mild grade, but with the exception of a section in northeast PEI, it mostly goes through the woods. For some, the more varied scenery and cultural opportunities afforded on our Tip to Tip North trip on the Island Walk route are preferred for exploring the length of PEI; the route you choose depends on your personal comfort level with sharing secondary roads with vehicles. If interested in customizing any of our itineraries, send us all the details in a Quote Request form. That’s Step #1 for all trip proposals.

Our team of local resident cyclists takes care of booking the highest quality rental equipment with an emergency repair kit, tried & true accommodations, expert route planning with a curated list of some of our favorite local options for dining and activities, plotting downloadable routes for your trip, transferring your luggage between inns and providing a list of local bicycle repair service providers at the ready should you require mechanical assistance during your journey. We take care of the details so you just enjoy the ride. Travel at your pace with confidence in MacQueen’s.

Your final itinerary will include links to some of our favorite local culinary highlights, activities, cultural venues and more, allowing you to customize your Island Walk by Bike or Confederation Trail bike adventure to your own particular tastes and interests. Suggestions include (but are hardly limited to) local wineries, distilleries, craft breweries, dairy bars, seafood shacks, clam digs/bakes, river cruises, or lobster boils aboard a fishing boat accompanied by the lilting tunes of a fiddling captain and his family, and some of the finest dining and local fare available on our fair isle.

Note that some sections of the Island Walk may be less than optimal in rainy conditions, or be suited more to walkers than cyclists, so unless you’re following the official route religiously for personal reasons, you should use your judgement and common sense and divert if clay has turned to mud, or you would make better time on a less-traveled alternative paved road to arrive at your destination. Incorporating these kinds of detours into your route on the fly is relatively simple with digital applications.

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2024 Island Walk by Bike & Confederation Trail Packages
Prices in CAD $ PER PERSON – All taxes included
Inquire for custom itinerary planning services, rates for groups/families. Trips can be tailored to your travel period and budget. 
With luggage transfers Without luggage transfers
(rates include panniers)
$ individual tour departures Double
(2 ppl in 1 room)
(1 person)
2 Singles
(2 ppl in 2 rooms)
2 Singles
6 nts Confederation Trail – Tip to Tip I $2377 $4220 $2847 $2039 $3487 $2509 Request Quote
6 nts Confederation Trail – Tip to Tip II $2557 $4504 $3038 $2184 $3701 $2665 Request Quote
6 nts Confederation Trail – Tip to Tip III $2402 $4280 $3038 $2184 $3701 $2665 Request Quote
7 nts Confederation Trail – Tip to Tip IV $2740 $4906 $3603 $2396 $4142 $3259 Request Quote
6 nts Island Walk by Bike – Central Loop $2042 $3779 $2781 $1759 $3020 $2544 Request Quote
6 nts Island Walk by Bike – Tip to Tip North Shore
$2473 $4392 $3159 $2127 $3644 $2813 Request Quote
7 nts Island Walk by Bike – Tip to Tip North + Anne’s Land
$2759 $4939 $3568 $2348 $4158 $3307 Request Quote
8 nts Island Walk by Bike – Eastern Loop $2969 $5360 $3879 $2019 $3327 $2787 Request Quote
10 nts Island Walk by Bike – Tip to Tip South Shore
$3681 $6570 $4767 $2991 $5154 $4102 Request Quote
10 nts Island Walk by Bike – Merry-Go-Round Short Loop $3560 $6378 $4448 $2405 $3993 $3298 Request Quote
10 nts Island Walk by Bike – Central & Western Loop $3333 $5904 $4518 $2688 $4528 $3873 Request Quote
13 nts Island Walk by Bike – Central & Eastern Loop $4476 $8180 $6040 $3241 $5529 $4767 Request Quote
16 nts Island Walk by Bike – Merry-Go-Round Long Loop $5319 $9578 $7096 $3776 $6366 $5553 Request Quote

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-Deluxe hybrid bicycle with rear carrier, helmet or trunk bag, water bottle cage & bottle, helmet, lock, basic repair kit.
We can quote for upgrades to e-bikes if required.
-Route plotting. Routes available in advance with private digital access for you to download &/ print detailed directions & maps. View sample routes with public access. Don’t have a Garmin? Have a look at the RideWithGPS app for Android & Apple devices and Tour Participant Benefits. If using your phone for navigation, we recommend a backup battery pack. We have rental units available for rental, as well as regular cell phone holders.
-Contacts for paid roadside assistance and/or bicycle repair services in PEI
-Prepaid accommodations (most with breakfast, details in itineraries), selected for proximity to evening meals
-Tip-to-tip trips include shuttle from/to Charlottetown at beginning/end of journey
-Optional luggage transfer services (mostly daily, see itineraries for details)
-Suggestions for meals & entertainment

More Info

#1 Tip for cyclists: PEI’s prevailing winds are southwesterly.
For information on independent touring services including routes, accommodations, meals and more we invite you to peruse these links:
Island Walk Map
Confederation Trail Info
Tourism PEI
PEI Cycling Laws & Safety

Cycling Dates & Availability:
Tours can start any day you choose. Many of the properties are small Inns and B&Bs and space is limited. Some operations are seasonal and may not be open from October to May. It’s important to book early, especially for travel in July and August when “no vacancies” often  occur, although we have alternative accommodation options in each destination when our first choices aren’t possible. Some of PEI’s dining operations are seasonal, so advance planning for meals becomes more important before mid June / after mid September. Groups: many of the properties we use are small scale, so ample advance booking is essential to avoid disappointment.


Child trailers, youth bicycles, tandems and trail-a-bikes are available for family touring.